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I'm afraid of so many things
Things that hit me like a spear
Things that itch my heart
Those things that make my lungs run for cover
Things that people do intentionally to pull a tear or two from my eyes

I'm afraid of writing
Afraid of expressing myself to the world
Afraid of getting to know the truth about myself
Afraid of swimming in the ocean of death
Afraid of speaking out to the world

I'm afraid of brokenness
Afraid of sadness
Afraid of hurt
Afraid of strangled hope
Afraid of restless thoughts

I'm afraid of kith and kin
Those ones that act as sycophants right in my presence
Those ones that taste my honey
And take away all my money
Then discard my wealth
Making me look like a 'dustbinified' trash

I'm afraid of darkness
A night where I hear voices
Voices of people, animals and things
A time of acrimony
Where all in me will be disguised, including my testimony
A time I cast away any ceremony
But sleep on naked wires
That never rust
Dwelling in a stream of thorns

I'm afraid of those eyes
Eyes that beget rivers
Rivers that flow to eternity
I don't know who they are
But they know me
How come?

I'm afraid of my flaws
Afraid of accepting my true identity
Afraid of calmness
Afraid of what the world would think
Afraid of voluminous serenity

I'm tired, fed up and mad!
My fear is killing me
Almost reaching for my throat
I need a thousand pills of deliverance
Who can deliver me from my fear?
Who can sweep all of it away?
Who? Who? Who?!
I'm afraid, no one can.
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