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Hatching is a process whereby a new life comes from an egg through a process called incubation. The reptile or bird sits on its eggs in order to give it heat for a period of time, although not all creatures that lay eggs hatch by sitting on their eggs, some hide they eggs inside soil. During this period of incubation the bird deny itself food for some days, sitting on its eggs till they hatch. The incubation period is a time of sacrifice whereby the birds don’t go out, denying itself lot of things.

Relating the local hen hatching process to the life of human being that wants greatness, there must be a time when human being must go through lot of sacrifices just like the local hen; time to deny oneself pleasure, reducing the time we have fun in order to have more time for work.  A local hen incubating its eggs can’t be playing around every day abandoning its eggs. There are times it will be at the same spot for two days without standing up from it, the bird understands that it has to sit on its eggs every time producing heat for them by that they can hatch. It leaves its comfort zone of playing around with other birds, greatness don’t come forth at comfort zone.

Also consistency of sitting on its eggs is very important, it doesn’t sit on eggs today, and wait for 2 days later before it sits on those eggs again. It will rather be opposite; sitting on its eggs for two days and take short break the third day. Producing greatness in life requires consistency just like that of the local hen incubating its eggs. It isn’t going to be easy but it is going to be worth it at the end. The hen disciplines itself to be consistent sitting on its eggs even when it isn’t easy doing so. Times of being hungry but still sitting right there, denying itself pleasure. To have great treasure in life requires denying oneself pleasure for some particular time. We must be consistent with our incubation before greatness is being birth to.

During incubation there are times the bird takes break to eat, drink and have fresh air as well, because these things are important to it to survive days of sitting on its eggs. It does only important things without wasting time around. Same with human being that wants greatness in life and wants to achieve his or her dreams, life is too short to die working. Human being needs to take rest, and get some energy to keep going or else he or she will end up his life without even achieving what he or she is meant to achieve. It is when we are alive that there is hope of achieving dreams. So we must sometimes take break, and have fresh air.

Hatching, which is the end product of incubation, should be the main focus; sometimes, having the beautiful vision or imagination of the end of what human being wants to achieve is good; because it helps to stay focus when going through the pain. The process of incubation is a hard time for human being, but hoping that it is going to end well should keep human being going so far that not all eggs do hatch, but at least hope should keep human being going that one day life will be given to those dreams as well and achieve our goals. The local hen that gives up on sitting on its eggs doesn’t have generations to live after it.


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