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The Man on the Mountain

 Doyin Ajayi
“Attackers may sometimes regret bad moves, but it is much worse to forever regret an opportunity you allowed to pass you by.” - Helen Mirren, Anna (2019)
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Ever thought of climbing Mt. Everest? It’s the highest mountain, towering heads and shoulders above all others, one of the highest points on earth. It’s the marvel of a geographer and the peak of a philosopher’s thoughts. The view from the top is certainly beautiful. I’m sure Sherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary saw the world spread out beneath them, with the heavens so close to them. They must have felt halfway between heaven and earth.  They were the first 2 men to reach the summit on Mt. Everest.

A geographer’s dream. A philosopher’s ambrosia. It’s the place where earth ends and heaven begins. Up there, wisps of the clouds caressing your face like a lover’s gentle touch, the chilly wind reaching into your bones, the sun just within your arm’s reach, and the beauty of the plains below spread out beneath your feet. Like loyal subjects paying reverence to a deity.


But you’re not alone on Everest. There’s someone who has dared to follow you there, intruding on your serenity; an invited guest to your party, like a rabid dog soiling your palace with his muddy paws. He’s strangely familiar, looks a lot like someone you know. As a matter of fact, you know him.

His name is Freddy Krueger.

The hideous monster hiding under our beds.

I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies. However, the 1980s classic franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street, told the story of the spirit of a murdered teenager named Freddy Krueger, who sought revenge on his killers by appearing in their dreams and killing them in cruel-hearted and savage means. Freddy had a burnt visage, hideously marred by burn scars, and carried metal claws on his right hand which he sliced his victims up with. Death in the dream translated to death in reality. Freddy killed in dreams, ensuring their reality never manifested.

Freddy on the mountain is you. We all are our personal Freddy Kruegers.

I had a dream. In that dream, I saw myself having all the things I ever wanted, all my deepest desires coming true, all I ever wanted within my reach.

We have dreams to climb our personal Everest. It could be a dream job you’ve had on your mind for a while. Or it could be a book you’ve always wanted to write, or that dream body you’ve always wanted. Maybe that bucket list of activities you’ve been too scared to do. Perhaps it could be that position you’ve never applied for due to fear of not being good enough. Or that skill you’ve always desired to learn, but didn’t, due to your lackadaisical attitude towards it. 

Freddy killed in dreams. You make sure Freddy doesn’t kill yours.

Freddy is you, the things you refuse to do and the toxic relationships you refuse to let go of. Each time you stall on making a move, each time you talk yourself out of something big, you’re being a Krueger, killing your dream, so it doesn’t manifest, and it never comes to fruition.

You’re a magician of mighty acts, capable of indescribable feats of brilliance. You’ve spent enough time weaving spells, making plans and setting targets. Come on, wield your wand, and create what you want. That’s what I want to do with my pen. You rule your world. You’re the architect of your world. Shape it, make it beautiful. Take down that man on the mountain, and own it. Everest beckons, soar!

You’re a magician, moving with fluid grace, legerdemain of untold proportions.

My friend, Malik likes to say “big leagues only!” I couldn’t agree more. Come on; let’s go on a ride, the top beckons. It’s beautiful in my dreams. It’s going to be even more beautiful in reality. I’m sure it will also be for you!

You’re a magician, on your way to conjuring amazing feats. Take charge of your mountain and seize victory.

It’s not our failures that haunt us; it’s the chances we didn’t take. To win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket. Buy your ticket to Everest today by making that move. Get on the ride, it’s beautiful, I promise you.

I’m on the way to my Everest. I’m ensuring Freddy doesn’t show his ugly face. Come on, Sherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary witnessed something breathtaking from up there.

Don’t you want the same?

Have a great week ahead, and start climbing your Everest!

The Man on the Mountain

©2021 Doyin Ajayi. All Rights Reserved.

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