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That Gloomy Night

Bakhtawar Raheem

Often, the chaos bother me to breath. The veins, with some dumb blood flow stretches to weeken my soul. There feels a flow of calm water, downing on the cheeks. I just shocked up by the strong wave of wind coming from the open tip of the window.

That was a night of last January, sophisticated. I remembered the lips smiling, the heart beating with beaming flow, as I had grown wings that couldn't fly. I again turned the head, the moon was gradually disappearing and the gloominess in the self. The night, was also, filling my surroundings. The lose had long lasting impact on my memory that harshly tried to remind me the date.

I stood up and took the direction toward the greenery portion of my house with palm trees and shrubs. Stepping calmly and in an immediate the blooming flower's fragrance passed aside my nose. The night was going to an end but the grieve was fired and felt as rising yet.

That Gloomy Night

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