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- Tijani Lucky

Racism - black and white?
What is the difference? 
Everyday I reason within myself, is there any difference?

Sincerely speaking it's the best two combined colors created by God. Then I ask myself, why do we try to separate them, why feel one is better than the other?

Each day I walk through memory land, I wonder within myself, if God didn't want it why did He create it? Why make something if you know you don't like?Then my eyes were opened and I saw that it's never the will of God to separate them but our will. We're our own problem. A wise man once said, before you conquer the devil you must first conquer yourself ( inner thoughts).
Now it doesn't necessarily mean or have to do with the color of one's skin. No. Have we ever asked ourself this question, was Jesus white or black? Did God create Adam to be white or black? If not, then why judge others by the color of their skin? 

A young boy came to me and said "what's racism? " I simply defined it to be nothing but jealousy. WHY?  Because it's only when you're jealous of someone that you want to hurt the other person at all cost. 

When Christ was on earth, it wasn't recorded that he was by anyway jealous of others. Why? Because He knew that there was nothing in this world that interest him or has to offer him that He doesn't have already. The opposite of jealousy is contentment.

I long for the day we'll come together and dine as one, where there would be no more jealousy or hatred for one another but rather love and happiness. I long for the day when we can hold hands and say I'm happy to be who I am. I long for the day when there'll be peace and love everywhere, a day I know, shall come to pass because I serve the most high God.

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