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by Rachael_Barbara
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Sour, bittersweet, things of the past
Grotesque, insane, feelings are vast
Cremate, deflate, burn out the past
Incinerate, dissipate, block out the last
Unfold, untold, tales of the whales
Untrue, undo, songs that would fail
Vibrate, gyrate, here comes the hail
Gyrate, vibrate, dance to the grail
The music, nostalgia
It only gets better 
Melodies, enchannel 
The reverie panel
Inferno, ignites us
The Pyros afflict us
We lose all, insidious 
The peak that would lift us
The cravings, alarming
The chains that would bind me
The ravings, untaming
The scythe that could smite me
The endings, liberating
The truth that would free me
Through every adventure
Embrace the Nostalgia



©2021 TheDarkEmpress | Rachael_Barbara. All Rights Reserved.

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