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Dear You,

     I may not know your past or what has happened in it but one thing I know is that you have one, whether good or bad. For you to get to where you are heading in life you need to let go of what you've gone through because holding on to your past would do you no good but weigh you down. 

     If you want to move on in life you have to let go of your past, holding on to your past will stop you from moving on into the future. It will be a force holding you down like chains to your legs because you have refused to free yourself from it even though you have the key to do so and that will do you no good because you will only see yourself in the picture of the past and you will not see yourself in the view of the future and that will make you to make decisions that are influenced by fear of the past because the state of your mind is not at the right place.

       Letting go and moving on requires you to drop all extra luggages but do not drop the lessons you've learnt from your past if not what has happened to you before will happen to you again without you even noticing it and you'll have no one to blame except yourself.

      You see all those scars you've gotten from your past are not to make you feel downright low but they are to remind you of where you're coming from so you'll be able to make those scars worth it by getting to where you're moving on to.

       You see those with stars have scars to show for it whether mild or great, but those people didn't let their past dictate their future for them. They utilised their experience positively and it paid them off well.

       If you as a person can be willing to let go of the baggage of your past and make use of the lessons you've learnt from it, you sure have a beautiful future awaiting you.

      It may be all rocks and you can't see any plane in sight but all you have to do is climb those rocks with determination and the more rocks you climb the more the beautiful sight of planes and oceans will unfold.


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