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Everything Comes In Two

- Desire E. Okhilua
- - - - - - -

This world is broken into twos; it has always been for ages past. There is good and bad, light and dark, male and female, heaven and hell. But what we fail to realise is both of the sides complement each other.

At times, there are good before bad or bad before good but not good or bad all the way. We wish for things like good life, wealth, companionship, success and all things sweet and nice without realising that they all come with a price. A bad (cost) price.

To have a splendid life, a bad (cost) price has to be paid which is work. Work is an idea to strain the mind, body and spirit in order to either gain or give it financially, socially, materially, emotionally and so on. As humans we hate to work which is absolutely normal because it is a bad (cost) price. Work stresses the body thereby putting our organs into certain detriment. But know that it is highly impossible to have a secured future without having a strenuous past. Think on this: would you rather have a good beginning to complement a bad ending or stake on a bad slate to draw the best of images?

Everything Comes In Two
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