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Welcome To 2021

When a planet makes its complete orbit around the sun, it is counted as a year. A year is usually the sum total of 365 days, while it is 366 days in every four years - Leap year.

For the 2021st time, the earth have revolved round the sun. And there is the happiness and joy that comes with it. More especially when it is like turning away from a terrifying and suffocating 2020. 

All of a sudden, 2020 came upon us like a shock. Shock like that of iron metals on naked electric cables. You could hear the screeching sound and see the sparking scattered light that erupt quick. In fact, its' thick unpleasing and stiffening odor is enough to show it is a one of a kind. One that did not come hiding.

Things went abysmal and it was no longer safe to be outside. Every one was under the roof of their buildings, putting on masks and hand gloves; possibly soaked in some prescribed sanitizers. Not because we all wanted to try something new or tired of visiting museums, theatres, mall, amusement parks or lazy for sort of physical interactions with our friends, family and neighbors. Or because we find it convenient sitting at home all along from watching the favorite Nickelodeon to switching to find out the latest on CNN (for daily news). It was the order of the time - 2020.

At that time, these were our safety kit; the only fashion's trend to combat an invisible serial killer. The shock just had to show up its real Devil's face under the guise of covid-19 virus that claimed the lives of millions around the world.

And yes, it was a bit confusing to detect its modus operandi. Sometimes it is not air borne, other times it can. And yet can be deadly too. Not a play thing. 

Vaccines were not even in reach and the matter of death and life was more of a personal effort or divine's help.

Until the end of the year, normal lifestyle became dreadful. It fellike people have forgotten how to live without stringent precautionary measures. While there are rumors about vaccines, there are reported cases of the outbreak of different Coronavirus variant as at December, 2020.

Surviving that lot is worth celebrating. In a little or big way. Something that must be done. At least, to boost our self confidence and remind ourselves of who we are and what we strive to become.

The new year, 2021, serves as a blank sheet where we can begin to rewrite and re-strategize on our goals and dreams. An opportunity that should also make us cherish our sense of humans as social beings while not been shaken by whatsoever life brings. 

Meanwhile Coronavirus is still present, we hope it dies soon. In hope, we seek for a world where we begin to see ourselves as humans again and tolerate one another. No longer living in the insecurities of contracting a virus that can terminate lives. Till then, we encourage both our readers and writers never to give up on living unto their passion on this platform while we work tirelessly to give you the best of 2021. Thanks for the cooperation. We believe we can serve you better.

Welcome to 2021

Happy New Year

Oyeniyi Joshua

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