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Role models are people who by dint of hard work have achieved greatness in their various field of specialization, their names are reference point for many distinctions and excellence. They are people whose life style, personality and achievements have excited the consciousness of admirers and efforts are made by the younger generation to be their replica. The characteristics of an ideal role model includes; Sound character, Good judgement, ingenuity, Determination, Strong positive attitude, and other more virtue. 

Some role models have attain global recognition like Mother TeresaMahatma GandhiStephen HawkingNelson Mandela, and Michelle Obama. Others are national role models such as Nigerians founding fathers, the likes of Nnamdi AzikiweChief Obafemi AwolowoChief Anthony Enahoro etc. Any person who desires to live a purposeful, focus and result oriented life should be prepared to observe and learn from all that our creator has created. 

Indeed nature has provided in abundance everything that man needs to draw from. For instance; ants exhibits the significance of co-operation and team work to accomplish task, lions demonstrates boldness and courage to conquer, the cheetah display the advantage of speed for success while the parrot reminds man to control the tongue. Nature has equally produced great men and women for younger generation to adopt as their role models and to draw from their experiences in life in order to bring about positive changes in the society.

People adopts heroes and heroines as their role models because of the impact they imprint in their life. Role models are significant factor in character building process as they help to define what the individual wants to become in life; they assist in sharpening the life and behavioural pattern of other people as well as instinctively instil moral values. 

The influences of role model are enormous, they are motivation and encouragement to individuals who are in search of self-actualisation. Good character earns respect, hence the foundation of good character are built through trainings and experiences as well as by the good examples of role model image of heroes and heroines. It is believed that when the younger generation are able to identify their role models and study their methodologies and apply them to attain greatness, the outcome would likely improve efficiency, and competence. The twin variable that are necessary to bring about positive change in the society. 

Achiever can be found in various fields of human endeavour that could serve as role models, in fact some parents and teachers can be role models depending on the kind of impression they create on the mind of their wards and students.
Role models exist also among sport men and women, military, journalist and in business circle. 

Some people are fortunate to live in the same environment with their role models, a few observe their mentors from a distance while some study the stardom or their hero and heroine from available literatures. For this reason, youth are encourage to make reading a way of life to enable them draw from vision and experiences of distinguished personalities. 

The success in the learning process of role models largely depends on discipline, determination and interest. It requires constant reading and practising the behavioural skills and attributes in order to be proficient and be able to imbibe the role models image. Nevertheless, the role model adaptation should be approached with caution to avoid unpleasant outcome because as mother earth produced great role models, it has equally produced leaders and achievers who attain greatness using brute force and terror. Therefore parents need to honour their wards to ensure that they do not choose role model from people whose techniques and methodologies of attaining greatness are questionable and reckless.


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