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She's the Drug


Don't talk drugs to her,
She is the drug.

She is a weed so organic
Your dopamine levels raised this high.

First you pretend to laugh
And then you go to cry.

She is the flavor of cigarettes -
The hit of nicotine -
The ways you smoke puffs
Of stresses, along with caffeine.

She is the rush of adrenaline -
The feeling of euphoria,
That makes you dance
On clouds of hysteria.

She is all those martinis -
The mystical red wines -
Those fizzy alcohols,
Feel down the magical rhymes.

She is the buzz and the trip,
Heroin cocaine crystal meth
The impulse, the numbness,
So bad for your health.

She is a cosmos of fantasy
Damage to your living
Driving you high on ecstasy
As equivalent to killing.

She is all the drugs you'll ever need.
She is the after effect of drugs.

Don't talk drugs to her
She is the drug.


©2021 Chanchal. All Rights Reserved.

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