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Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit an Eco Lodge.


Number 6 might surprise you.

An Eco-lodge operate a tourism business in a way that a fair share of the benefits remains in the local hosting community while reducing the environmental impact and providing a more rewarding nature-based experience for the visitors. Thus, it is ideal for travelers who want to experience nature while supporting ecotourism.

Every time you hear comments like.
"You get to meet people”.          “It’s fun and cheaper”.
“Life is short and YOLO!”
“Infinite opportunities to network”:        “it can be relaxing”
“The Food and the views and new Culture”

Well the truth is that all of this is true about traveling. However, planning a trip to anywhere can be tasking, and Escape3Point Eco-Lodge was no different.

My friend(Daniel) and I decided to take this trip to this Eco lodge we heard about. To be honest it was he who instilled in me a love for travelling and it was the start of a couple other trips. So, first thing on a beautiful Friday’s morning, we left campus and set off to Takoradi.

How did we get there?

We took the bus and taxi…. Lots of it. The lodge is located just about one and a half hour from Takoradi. From Takoradi, you can get a tro tro (means bus) to Agona Nkwanta which took about an hour. There you would find a couple of tro tro which leaves for Cape 3 Points before 16:00. However, if you miss these, you get another one heading toward Akwida Old town before proceeding to New town.


What to do? Escape3Points Ecolodge is located in the heart of an unspoiled natural environment at Cape Three Point, western region, Ghana. The cabins which are along a large golden sand beach with a panoramic view, are built from recycled and natural local materials such as raffia, bamboo and thatch. Beside the lodges are a few communal spaces like the bar which is managed by the host, Peter. At the communal area, you find the outdoor dining area, bar and kitchen. The communal bar area is actually fun, lively and always filled with discussions since you tend to always run into another guest while here and it is a great place to network.


We arrived late in the evening and decided to check into our cabin. There, they had a couples of interesting choices ranging from the Anansi, Camoni, Dondoni, the hive (dorm), Max eye, Sean’s house, serein vibe and twin sister A and B.

You guessed it! We picked the max eye. From our cabin, we could see the lighthouse at Cape3Point, the tides of the ocean while being cooled by the breeze and sleep to the sound of the sea.

(Shots by Iheagwara Ifeanyi)

For the next two days, we enjoyed a couple of activities which I would mention later on, fusion of Ghanaian and international dishes prepared by the chef and fishes caught by the local fishermen. At night you can enjoy some electric eclectic flavors of house specialty liqueurs, a few bottles of beer or glass of wine while listening to music from the solar powered stereo system. You also get to charge your phones, laptop and electronic devices at the social powered sockets at the communal space.  
“Collecting memories, not counting mosquitoes”

Why you should visit an Eco-lodge?

At Escape3Points, there were a bunch of activities to do like yoga, surfing, fishing, jungle tours, hiking in the forest, visit the lighthouse at Cape Three Points, bonfire with drinks and hangout around at the beach.

(Shots by Iheagwara Ifeanyi)

1. Due to its location, it literally was an escape. Far away from all the city hustle. No noise, no traffic, no pollution. 

2. For the love of the ecosystem and environmental preservation. There are a couple of systems available ranging from their renewable energy systems to its strong focus on environmental preservation. 

(Shots by Iheagwara Ifeanyi)

3. Its ambition is to prove that it is possible to settle in a territory without altering its environment, but also by setting up initiatives to ensure that tourist activity preserves the surrounding fauna and flora.

4. Appreciate nature. You get to learn a bit about the surrounding fauna and flora as there is a guide which have an excellent local knowledge of the natural habitat of the region. You also tend to understand why it is importance to preserve nature and its beauty. 


5. Contribute to the local hosting community by fishing.

6. And number 6; Cape Three Points. Located between Dixcove and Princes Town is a small peninsula which hosts one of the lighthouses in Ghana. What makes this spot interesting is its location. It is known as land nearest nowhere because it is the land closest to 0 Latitude, 0 longitude and 0 Altitude. 
7. Beside the lighthouse, there is also a pole at Cape Three Points with the names of different spot on the earth pointing into their respectively direction.


“Spreading the word about the truth of travelling” 
Escape3Point fits the environment harmoniously. And three days in Escape 3 point was enough for me to appreciate the beauty of an Eco lodge. It wasn’t bougie that’s for sure, but it was definitely worth it. 

So, would you like to explore an eco-lodge one day? Share your view in the comments.

Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit an Eco Lodge.

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