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Odún 'n lo s’ópin... (As the year comes to a wrap…)


As you dey hunt
for things wey lost;
& as you dey relive the ol’ music, and time —
& as some go buzz their old folks to follow,
if you sef wan follow, bros, listen too, but… 
try indulge less in long-talks over wetin loss;
no go sub your blessing on wetin another wear —
no be clothes wey person back near-break ontop?
make you try rest your horse too,
cos’ if you minus say you need am,
you go also gats dey woke, bross…
cos’ motion fit no gree move as you plan am.
Forget say you go try ‘Resolve’ am finish,
tomorrow no sabi the matter wey dey your front.

Caption: On the year coming to an end; to the Resolutions; and to the cross-over into the new year...

And here's to thank you for the friendship, requests, encouragement, and readership throughout 2020...

Let's do better in the next!🥂

#happynewyear #crossover #2021

Odún n lo s'opin 

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