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When would it come?
Would it be by dawn, when the morning dew feeds the plants their breakfast
Or, would it come by night
When darkness lingers and all have retired from their daily activities?

Where would it be?
Would it be in the warmth of my cozy bed
Or, by the road side during the hustle and bustle?
Maybe in the hospital with me pondering how I got there in the first place.
Probably in a vehicle during one of my numerous travels.

How would it look like?
With me alone deep in my slumber
Or, with people around me wondering how I got myself into this mess?
Maybe with passers-by commenting on how this could have been avoided with one glorious manoeuvre.

So my heart races in fear when I step into that vehicle.
I tightly clench my fists each time a stranger approaches in the dark.
I say my prayers each time I retreat to the warmth of my bed at night.
I constantly live in fear of the unpredictable inevitable.

For I know not by what hour I draw my last breath -
That moment when my strength fails me -
And I pass on to the land beyond;
Into a realm of uncertainty.

I dearly hope I did enough good,
Praying and wishing that my mistakes have been truly erased,
Hoping I made the right choices -
For I know not which awaits me, Hell or Heaven,
I silently wish for none.

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  1. Nice work bro, I really love it, keep it up, God bless.


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