How The Internet Works

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How The Internet Works

What happens when John types into his browser❓

Before explaining what happens, we first have to understand some associated internet terms;

URL (uniform resource locator) –
Works just like your home address, it locates resources on the Internet.

IP (Internet Protocol address) – 
Like popular mail addresses, they’re numbers (e.g; Twitter’s IP address = used to identify a specific computer/computer network which allows data/information exchange.

DNS (domain(.com, .net, .org, .edu…) name system) – 
This helps match the list of purchased domain names to their corresponding IP addresses, just like your contact logs.

Web Host – 
They’re companies that lease out storage space on their internet web severs to store websites files & database…just like real estate agents.

What happens then? How are this internet terms connected?

John got so fascinated by Facebook networking he has heard, that he wants his own account, he types in a web URL( into his browser.

John’s browser checks its catalog for the websites data, if it’s found it continues to the next step, else, its gets the websites IP address from the DNS, if that also isn’t found, john’s browser displays an ERROR 404 page. After the websites IP address has been obtained,…
John’s browser exchanges HTTP req/response with the server.

John’s browser further sends additional requests for HTML embedded objects (images, CSS, JS), and the process starts all-over again from the point of the HTTP server request/response.

Boooooom✨, John’s browser shows him Facebook’s sign up/log in page after 120ms – 3s.


How The Internet Works

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