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by Etiene Eric


"Burning desire to be or do something give us staying power - a reason to get up every morning or to pick ourselves up and start in again after a disappointment "
- Marsha Sinetar

Desire is an internal hunger for something. It is that which make our commitment to our dreams prevailing. To be an achiever one must be self motivated and self reliant. We cannot achieve our dreams if we don't long to or hunger to fulfil them. Desire is a self stimulator even when we are discouraged. A man with a greater desire to achieve his goals will do so faster than a man with lesser desire. It is this burning desires that empowers you to meet the challenges of life.
Desire is self compelling. If you possess a sufficient desire to achieve your dream nothing can stop you.

Key note: Develop an insatiable desire for success.

How to maintain a burning desire

Focus on the reward.

It was written concerning Jesus, that for the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross. We must constantly remind ourselves of the joy we will receive in achieving our dreams, this will help stimulate our desire and keep us focused in our dreams.

Talk about your dream.

Talking about your dreams has a way of wetting our appetite towards achieving those dreams. It keeps us focused on our dreams and helps consummate our thought patterns towards that said dream. 


Drive is a secondary action to the primary desire. While desire has to do with our emotions and longing. Drive has its manifestation in the motivation to do or achieve something. It is an ability coupled with ambition. 

It is a conscious decision to the putting of effort to achieve your dreams. It is a strong indicator of persistence, and sustained efforts towards the said dreams. It is common that there are many who want to be successful but lack the motivation or persistence in making sure that they take steps towards that dream. It is not enough to desire, one must also put in effort.

It may require a lot of mental energy, physical energy and certain sacrifices but as long as you keep that drive turned on, you certainly will end up a winner.
One way to maintain your drive is to reflect on your dreams.


Determination is an act of resilience. It is a product of the will and not how we feel. A determined person is one who has put his hand on the plough and is not looking back. It is an assertion to stay loyal or committed to your dream. A person who is not determined will often give up and will often not get things done. 

Determination keeps you moving forward regardless of the difficulties confronting you. To be an achiever be resolute in your set goals or dreams.


Self-discipline is the act of controlling oneself. It is the ability to order one's life according to certain principles. It is doing what we ought to do and not just what want to be do. It is a hallmark of every successful man.

In other to stay on our dreams and achieve them we must steadily have to discipline our mind and desires in the direction of that dream. It will involve a lot of self denial and early gratification at the stead of our dreams. As a matter of a fact one who lacks discipline will end up achieving nothing.


"See you a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men."
- Proverbs 22:29

Diligence is a careful, earnest and persistent putting of effort towards a given tasks. It is a steadfast application of methods and strategies towards achieving your dream. 

Diligence involves all faculties in our person. It involves also the mind and our physical body. The ant though small does not only provide her food but could possibly discern times and seasons. It is an act of diligence to careful sit down to study and gather a lot of information concerning your said dream. 

It is the diligent hand that will always rule. So don't wallow away your time in things that are not bringing you closer to to your dream. You must either be thinking, planning, studying and working every day in order to reach your goal on time.


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