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Five Advantages Of Physical Exercise On Mental Health


Physical exercise as we know is a kind of routine that helps regulate our body and mind. People exercise for various reasons such as to become fit, for weight reduction and to prevent themselves from certain illness such as obesity, heart disease and every other illness that comes as a result of lack of physical exercise. All of these are essential but most times there is little or no attention to the benefit that physical exercise offers to our mental health.

In this article, we discuss five major benefits of physical exercise on mental health and how these benefits can go a long way to improving our lives. Let's dive into the discussion;

1) It Gives You An Upbeat Feeling And Improves Your Mood.

 When you exercise, you tend to have this vibrant and pumped feeling or a kind of playful disposition that goes with you throughout the day and helps brighten your day. This kind of feeling makes you happy and of course when you are happy or in a good mood it would influence your mind in a positive way and keep you in good health.

2) It Gives You A Sense Of Achievement: If you have an exercise routine.

For instance, you exercise twice a week, four times week or even throughout the week, for everyday you complete your routine, you get this conscious or unconscious feeling of having achieved something and this could go ahead to give you the gush of excitement needed to start a busy day.

3) It Improves Your Productivity.

When you physically exercise, you gain access to a free mind and you are in the best mental state to think of how to solve an existing problem or situation whether at work, school or even at home. It makes you focused and alert and this could go a long way to improve your productivity and give you the added advantage you desire.

4) It Improves Your Self-Confidence.

When you engage in physical exercise, you become fit, sexy and more attractive. As humans, we all have this feeling of wanting to be accepted or welcome in anywhere we find ourselves and it's no news that people who exercise, look more attractive physically for instance a muscular man with broad chest would gain more attention physically than a man with a regular physique and this could in a way build a person's self confidence.

5) It Instills In You The Values of Patience And Persistence.

 Every Exercise routine is tailored to achieve a body goal and to achieve this goal you need patience and Persistence. It is almost normal that when you start to exercise, the pain that comes along with your body adjusting to that form of physical training could be sometimes unbearable and at this stage a lot of people quit, not knowing it's at this point you learn the tough lesson of Persistence; which is the ability to endure and not give up until you achieve a set goal. Also, after you have been exercising for a while, at some point you might feel like there are no visible changes in your body, it is t this point you then learn the final lesson of being patient. Patient they say, is a virtue and it is extremely important to achieve anything worthwhile. Patience and Persistence would enable you to not only achieve your body goals but any goal you set to achieve in life.

Finally, physical exercise offers a wide range of mental benefit, so it would be nice for you to start regular physical exercise and watch out for a major improvement in your mental health. 
Cheers to a better mental health through physical exercise!

Five Advantages Of Physical Exercise On Mental Health

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