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by Ariyibi Teniola

Sometimes, the days are dark
But then, we'll all be fine,
No one will walk us over,
No one would push us down,
We still thrive, we'll still fight, we will win.

To those, who go all the way to find food to eat,
We'll be fine;
To those, who strive so hard just to learn to live,
We will breathe;
To those, struggling with something on the inside,
We'll be healed;
To those who are trapped, lost, caged, out of mind,
We'll be free;
To the hopeless, and hungry, 
to the orphans, and widows and crippled
There's a place for us somewhere, 
a place better than all the world.
A surge greater than all our fears we have hope! We'll be fine it's just a matter of time!

To those, who hope to make a difference
We'll surely get there.
The one's in colleges, the students in high school,
We'll fly in colors, brighter blinding colors.
Listen to me, these are no pep talks,
We don't have to be so devoid.
Life is beautiful, it's worth to live.
Keep your helmet, keep your life, son.
The sorrows, the pains
It's all a phase.
Hold your breath, save your soul.
We'll never fall from the shallow
Move faster, dive deeper
Soon, you'll get better.


©2021 Ariyibi Teniola. All Rights Reserved

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