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Dear Mother


She left when I started to exist.
She left when I let out my first cry.
Death didn't spare her time to behold the outcome of her pain.
O Mother! Where hath thou?

Never got to feel the warmness of her effeminate arms, nor the tenderness of her tired back.
Like an orphan, I was left to grieve in solitude.
Never got to taste the rich milk from her Mammary gland.
O Mother! Where hath thou?

I sunk in depression at the recall of her demise, and the pains that protruded afterwards.
Growing up without a Mother is sickening, so I felt.
O Mother! Where hath thou?

Suicide became my daily thought and loneliness my only friend
'til I found HOPE that made me grow through the pain and anguish.
Then I realized her PURPOSE for me.

Never met you but my heart yearns for you everyday. I LOVE YOU DEAR MOTHER

Dear Mother
©2021 Hope Charles. All Rights Reserved.

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