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Chika go!
Pack your load and go back to Chicago.
You have brought me pains, sadness and trouble
And everything I built, you did crumble.
You have to go!
It is a must you go.
Off you go;
You can pack your load in a Ghana-must-go
I don't care if it's hell you go,
Just go!

Chika go!
Go back to Chicago
Leave your life the way you want to
If you like run to Jericho.
All you ever did was pull me down
In the ocean of bitterness, you did make me drown.
You snatched all the suitors at my beck and call
Even my handsome Ikenna you gave a call.
Biko come and go
Before I call commando.

Chika go!
You can catch the next flight to Chicago.
What is it you have that I don't?
A snake-like attitude, that is your wont!
Each time I warn you, you don't act docile
Instead, you behave like a reptile.
Yellow pawapaw, Omalicha, Oyinbo pepper,
They eulogise you with those words, yet they don't know you can't even grind pepper
Get out, you crazy slut!
Gawd! I hate your gut.

Chika go!

© 2021 Bianca Ihua. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Funny but message filled. Rhymes and flow. Chika must go lol. Nice writing

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful.

  3. This is a genius in creation, molding words together with rhymes...So beautiful and hilarious.. . Love it.

  4. Very entertaining. Love the rhyming and word play.


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