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Boost Your Confidence

Similoluwa Ifedayo

- What is confidence?

Confidence is defined as the freedom from doubt, the ability to believe in one's self and abilities. It can also be explained as a state of been hopeful that events would be favourable.

Confidence has to be built. It is one of the characteristics of a leader. You should learn to trust yourself. Believe that you can do it.

Confidence brings about competence. Lack of confidence can be caused by peer pressure, low esteem etc., but one can live above all of this. Concentrate more on yourself than what people think or say about you.

To boost your confidence you have to make yourself happy, never stop smiling even when life keeps you down. Some certain situations can cause loss of confidence, lack of courage on stage and inability to express oneself. The following tips would have you boost your confidence:

Find something you do well, like a sport, an art or a school subject, and focus on succeeding at it.

• Instead of comparing yourself to others, write down three things that you wouldn't change everyday.

Concentrate on your abilities, skills, accomplishment instead of your faults.

• Set an expectation that is realistic. Aim for accomplishment not perfection.

• Do a good deed. Making a difference will help you feel like a better person.

• Exercise. You'll unload stress and feel stronger, happier, and healthier.

• Be Happy. Smile, dance, read, sleep, play, cook.

Do everything possible to make yourself happy. You can only lack confidence if you want to. Congratulations as you begin to walk through your world of confidence.

Boost Your Confidence

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  1. What a nice write up..which is trying to boost people up from their downside and make them believe they can achieve something which they think might be difficult to achieve..kudos to the potential great writer...more grease to your elbow

  2. Nice write up..more grease to your u are trying to motivate people to have confidence in their self..

  3. Nice write up

    Confidence can be Expressed.

    Thanks for this Simi.

  4. Very Composed write-up, Motivated and Upholding Post . People should always Have Confidence in all Life doings.

  5. Awesome piece from Sinmi, confidence is key to success.

  6. You did good...
    Keep it up..��������

  7. Enter your comment...Really great write up. Just boosted my confidence keep up with the work dear.


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