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A Letter To Younger Self


Dear younger self
The words I have are just few
You were once or rather still in my shoes
We're in this together, I'm so tired and I know you're too.

Dear younger self
You were strong, so strong that my older self envies every bit of you.
She can't seem to say much like you, everything she says seems impromptu.
She's weak, she's tired, miserable and her dreams she can't even think to pursue.

Dear younger self
You ought to still be right here, inside of me.
Still controlling things in me, all I just want is to be free.
Free as a bird that just fled from the cage of sorrow.
The memories we made are still intact stucked in my head with an arrow.

Dear younger self
Teenage life suck more than I imagined.
The strength you grew, the heart you made strong are broken.
Tranquility, serenity, solace to me they couldn't make their way.
Everyone deserves peace of mind at young age they say.

Dear younger self.
So lovely and dear you used to be.
But now, teenage life has sucked that out of me.
You smiled all day, showing your gum that has no tooth.
But now stern look, tears is all I my face shows everyday, they all seem to think I'm a brute.
Dear younger self.
I can't even get to sleep fast immediately I am on the bed.
Thoughts, worries run through my head.
I still remember how you sleep fast then.
And now tears is all I get to shed.
Dear younger self.
Lots and lots you shouldn't have done.
I'm not putting the blame on you but what is gone is gone.
I just want to start a fresh, I wish you could be reborn.
I wish you never cared so much about emotions
Cause humans, are nothing but bag of scorn.
Dear younger self.
I hope you listen to my heart and mind.
I still remember how sweet and kind.
Cause it's so sorrowful to be apart.
Just be in my head and never depart.
I just want you here again, I hope it makes a different impact.

A Letter To Younger Self

©2021 Jannat_b. All Rights Reserved

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