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Ezun Joshua

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13th October, 2015.

My tombstone will be an objet d'art.

For as many that look on it will become blanch

and as they pay their respect; they'll take off their hats

lest, the trees get angry and throw down a branch.

Many would come from far and wide;

and a storyteller, like a strafe will watch over the stone,

whom to the abtruse learner will teach my precepts;

no persona-non-grata will stand on my bones

neither the straddle or unstable in thought.

For even in death I ride on the wheels of vanity,

and this gorgeous tombstone is all I've got
to serve my pride and glory through eternity.

On the stone would be inscribed; "what you see is what you get"

for these are the very words that I have left.

The Tombstone Poetry

© Ezun Joshua 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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