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Sad Love Story 2


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....[The following day, we sat, walked and talked with each other until we got bored of the place. We decided to go to 'Lac de créteil' where I proposed to her as it was just twenty minutes drive from the park.

"Faridah, you didn't tell me your Dad got a man for you already?"  I said.
"His name is Jason and he is the Executive Secretary of EVC in Nigeria. He is Mr Pedro's son. My father and Mr Pedro are business partners and they've agreed to get us married. Timmy, the truth is I don't love Jason and I don't have any feelings for him whatsoever. I love someone else but my father doesn't want to understand. He's only after his own selfish interest and doesn't care about my own happiness." Faridah said as she lets out a cry.
"Huh!?.... So who's that person you love?" I asked quite confused.]

"You Timmy, you! You are the one I love. I knew you were the one meant for me since the very first time I set my eyes on you. I have lots of suitors but I don't love them. Popular artiste, Adedamola Adefolahan, Fireboy DML is my ex boyfriend. Infact, I was the one he sang Vibration for." She sniffed.

"So you actually broke up with Fireboy?" I asked really surprised.

"Yeah, I did. And that's because I don't love him. I don't see our relationship heading anywhere. But we are still very good friends.... We still hangout together and he visits me too" 

"Wow. Interesting!" I said as my jaw dropped opened, unable to close it back.
"You never for once mentioned it to me that you and Fireboy had a thing together." I said

"At least, I told you I love you and you're all that mattered to me" Faridah said and gave me a tight hug.
"So what do you suggest we do about your Dad?"
"Uhm.... I'll have to talk to him, a heart to heart discussion."
Faridah and I talked for what seemed to be a long time and we didn't want the day to end but time wasn't on our side.


"What else did I forget?" I paused searching through the scattered items on the bed. It is time to finally go back to Nigeria. Having finished the four months seminar in France. Faridah and I had gone for shopping a day before to get few things for herself, my mother and Iremide.

"Timmy, have you taken the bag which contained the reports?" Faridah asked as she popped her head into my bedroom. Her long black hair spilling over her shoulders as she raised her eyebrow at me. "You left it on the table with the huge mess of chocolate you ate last night."

"Oops" I grinned sheepishly. "I was actually trying to find what to gift Iremide as a token of my love for her. I was surfing the internet and most of them recommended ALTITUDE'S COLLECTIONS with a five star rating and I'm sure it would be the best. When it comes to nice wears, shoes, jewelries and accessories. Altitude's Collections is the best. I have ordered for nice pairs of shoes and quality dresses and I think you should place your orders too. You can contact them on +234 817 329 7219 to place your orders - but it seems you don't care much about surprises and gifts so I'm probably boring you."

"No, you're not boring me dear. I enjoy it when people talk about their passions. Their faces light up." Faridah smiled.

"You're my best part honeyy." I said emotionally heading over to the door and walking past her to check the library if I forgot anything.
"So as your best part, please tell me you have some lotion to spare. I totally forgot to buy mine while we were at the store." She said following me around the corner.
"Yeah babyy." I nodded, opening my bag pulling out a new tube of lotion. I'm more than happy to share, I just started using it though and I'm in love".

"You're a life saver Timmy"  she said taking the lotion from me. "I've never used this brand before." 

"You'll thank me again after you do. I got it from Grey Skincare products and it's probably the best I've used so far." I told her turning my attention to the files scattered on the reading table.

Although flying made me nervous sometimes, but the trip from Nigeria to France was really worth it. I hadn't set my eyes on Iremide for four months which was the longest time we spent apart after my NYSC at Enugu state. The plane jolted, throwing the passengers slightly forward, and I realized that we've landed in Nigeria. We were back on the Nigerian soil after four months of being away.

Faridah gave way to excitement on the runway, I found myself eagerly craning my neck out the window as the plane rolled closer to the runway. The blue sky rolled overhead, dotted by only few clouds. As I thought of the cold weather I left behind in France, then it occurred to me how far I had come. Finally, the miles between France and Nigeria had disappeared... And now, all we had left to worry about are the hours to reach Victoria Island.

Thirty minutes later, we made it out of the airplane. Once I handed my passport over to the immigration officer for its final check at the gate, I passed through the electric security door to the terminal. The place was packed with so many people. I should have expected that since we are now in Nigeria.
I could barely see anything over the sea of heads neither did any of them stood still for me to peek through the gap. It seemed like everybody had chosen to visit the  airport that particular day.

"Where is Faridah?" I asked as I weaved through the crowd. I wondered briefly if we had missed ourselves to the crowds. I was looking for a head of dark, long hair though her average stature would hardly give advantage in a sea of six-foot heights and then I suddenly caught sight of her, walking side by side with Jason, the company's Executive Secretary. There was the girl I was looking for, eyes fixed on the figure beside her. A breath I didn't know i was holding rushed out of me.

Faridah's eyes flickered towards me and after the first recognition, she ran towards me and hugged me like it's been long we saw each other.


Days after I arrived Nigeria, I had met with more people. Even distanced relatives came to greet me. Ayokanmi proposed to go on a date when I was less busy and I agreed. I saw it as reuniting with an old friend.
Ayokanmi was impossible to miss. I had caught a glimpse of her as soon as I drove into 'Eko hotels and suites'. Her blonde hair was tied at the back of her headthe 

Although my happiness diminished slightly thinking about the honest answer to give her. I couldn't help but push my feelings aside seeing her eyes blinking with curiosity.

"Life's been good" i replied "though nothing has really changed much since we part ways after convocation."

"What the f**k are you talking about Timmy?" Ayokanmi asked in a confused tone to her words. "Everything's changed. You've got a new apartment at Victoria Island, a new job, a new car, you use the latest iPhone, you're now married with a bouncing baby girl. What else could anyone ask for?"
"But I'm not married yet. I'm still the same me." I replied timidly. 
"How about your wife?" Ayokanmi asked in a soft tone

"She left me" i replied with a smile returning to my lips. We were interrupted by a security guard.

"Assalaamu alaykum sir. Are you the owner of the black LexuyourX-350 Jeep with plate number KJA-40-AA?" A security guard asked in a fluent English language.

"Yes, It's my car. What's the problem?" I answered.

"You parked in the space reserved for the Manager sir." He added.

The two of us apologized profusely as the security guard left for his post. I went to park my car properly then I realized the club wasn't the best place to catch up. I proposed we go to my apartment to finish our discussion so that she'll get to meet my mother and my daughter again.
"I can't wait to see your cute, little baby girl." Ayokanmi said as we head out of Eko hotels and suites.

At the mention of my daughter, Iremide, a sheepish expression overtook my features, knowing that I couldn't keep the news about my fiancee, Faridah to myself for much longer.

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Ayokanmi turned her gaze towards me with a raised eyebrow. She pulled me to a stop.
"What do you mean by her father threatened to get rid of you?"

"Well, you see......" I started faking a laugh to try and lighten the gist. "Her father actually sent for me when I was in France and he said that he wanted to his daughter to marry his business partner's son and uhm..."

I watched as Ayokanmi's expression shifted to one unreadable expression. I gulped and continued. "I don't know what my tomorrow holds with Faridah.... I honestly don't know"

"So what do you wanna do about it? Will you take Mr Pedro's contract and get married to someone else?"
"No!" I was quick to reply
"Great!" I heard her muttered under her breath, a definitive sigh to her words as she crossed her arms across her chests.
"Are you now married?" I asked nervously nodding my head slowly.
"No, I am not married yet." Ayokanmi replied.


The tension in Faridah's shoulder was hard to ignore as the two of us got into the elevator going to the last floor. Dr Oyedeji, the CEO had requested the two of us to see him in his office. He had reached Jason too and sent for him. Meeting the CEO was very stressful as we had to pass many protocols regardless the fact that his daughter, Faridah wanted to see him too.

However, once we finally reached the last floor, it didn't help that we had to sit at the common room. People in the common room were painstakingly much. I could feel my legs shaking impatiently with nerves as we sat on the last sofa in the room.
Step-by-step we slowly began to make our way to Dr Oyedeji's office and almost thirty minutes later, we got to the front of the office. The attendant instantly recognized Faridah and greeted her honorably and took a quick glance at me.

The attendant made a call across to Dr Oyedeji's secretary and he told her to let us in without delay.
"You can go in ma." The lady behind the counter said with an apologetic look flashing across her face.

Faridah swiped the door with her identification card and it slid open revealing the brightly Lightroom. The overwhelming smell of air freshener and the cool air effect hit me straight away.
Stepping into the office with Faridah, I was quick to realize that Jason was already in the office alongside his father, Mr Pedro.
Halting our step as we entered the office. I cringed at the breathtaking appearance of Dr Oyedeji's office. I bit my lips as I turned to Faridah watching her as she walked towards her father.
"All is well" I said, my voice echoing within me.

Watching as Dr Oyedeji's expression shifted from happiness to disappointment before he finally spoke.
"How are you Faridah?" 

I waited anxiously for her to reply "I'm fine Dad" but no, she didn't. She only sighed and shook her head slowly. The scene was just not exactly what I pictured.

"I'm listening Dad" she answered pacing around the office.
"What's the relationship between you and Timmy?" Dr Oyedeji said pointing at me.
"He is my fiancee Dad, and I love him."
"What about Jason Pedro? What about the idea of you getting married to him?"

"Dad, I told you Jason and I can't work out. Jason loves someone else and I love someone else too. Jason is nothing but a friend to me, nothing more." She continued "Dad, I've served you diligently my whole life. Please let me follow my heart at least it's my choice. I love Timmy." Faridah said, now crying.
"Jason, c'est vrai quo tu aimes quelqu'un d'autre?" Mr Pedro asked slowly.
"Oui père, j'aime quelqu'un d'autre. Faridah et moi ne pouvons pas simplement travailler." Jason said and held his father's hand.
"Hmmm, it's obvious they don't love each other Pedro. I think we shouldn't force them to get married." Dr Oyedeji said.

"No...... No...... No...... I won't take this. We have to make them work. I've worked for you my whole life. And I can't loose at both sides." Mr Pedro yelled furiously.
"Calm down Pedro, let's talk man to man.. I know how desperate you can be whenever you want to get things done your own way but please try and understand these kids." Dr Oyedeji pleaded.

"You are a betrayer Abdulafeez. After all I've done for you. You wouldn't have come this far without me working with you. Is this how you want to repay me? I will deal with you. And you Timmy, I will make life miserable for you, you worthless human" Mr Pedro threatened and stormed out of the office.

Dr Oyedeji, Jason, Faridah and I were left alone in the office.
"Uhm... I'm sorry about my Dad's unruly behavior. I'll try and talk to him." Jason said calmly and excused himself.
Dr Oyedeji turned towards Faridah and I "Timmy and Faridah, you have my blessing."

Faridah shouted and hugged her father. I prostrated to show my gratitude.


"Ugh..... Where am I?" I sat upright to see white Walls surround me and an irritating beeping machine with drip passed into my body.
"Oh, you're awake?" A lady in her mid twenties said as she walked into the room with a tray in her hands.
"Who are you and where am I?" I asked confused as I looked down at the light blue hospital dress I wore.

"If you still haven't figured out Mr Turner, you are in the hospital and I am the nurse treating you. You can call me Nurse Precious."
"Huh..... Hospital? Why? Why am I here?"

"You passed out due to excessive loss of blood from the bullet injury you sustained. Have you been having issues with someone lately?" Nurse Precious asked concerned as she jotted things down in her book.

"Maybe... I guess"

       ★ FLASHBACK

I was driving home after a strenuous day at the office suddenly, a black Toyota Corolla sport car drove past me and parked right in front of me making me to hit the brake  sharply.

Four hefty men came out of the car and marched to where I parked. I was forcefully dragged out of the car and made to kneel down. The men communicated in French but I heard one of the men spoke with Mr Pedro on phone. The rest of the men came to me, they punched and kicked me several times in my face and my stomach till I had no strength again. The man who spoke with Mr Pedro on phone happened to be the gang leader, he fired a gun at me. That's all I could remember.

     ★ PRESENT DAY ★

"Oh.... Dear, it's 08:12am already. I have to go now." I said as I picked up my phone and my car key which was placed on the drawer right beside my bed. 
"I have got to go now" I said jumping out of the bed. I staggered for sometimes before regaining my balance. I changed out of the hospital dress to my shirt and trousers which was now soaked with blood and dirt.

"Sir! You can't go sir!" Nurse Precious shouted as she chased me down the stairs and out of the main entrance before she gave up.

"Pheeew..... That was really close" I said as I slowed down my pace walking briskly to my car, parked near the huge Mikano generator and thoughts of Faridah crossed my mind. I silently prayed and hoped that she's safe wherever she is. I drove to my apartment first to see how my mother and Iremide are fairing.

Stepping out of the car, I was greeted to a scene of people wailing bitterly like they were mourning someone's death. They were actually mourning someone.

"Hello sir.... Are you the one who lives in this apartment?" A police man came over to me as he pointed at my apartment.

"Yes! Yes..... That's my house. What happened? Why?" I asked rhetorically. The policeman looked surprised at first and then looked down then shook his head apologetically.

"We are sorry but your house was bugled by hired killers last night and erm...... Your mother and your daughter were shot. We tried to reach you immediately we got the info but we realized your number cannot be reached." The police man said 

"What!!! My mom and m- my daughter w- were shot d- dead? Who did it?" I asked softly trying to suppress the bitterness in my voice.

"From the info we got and the CCTV footage we watched, the operation was carried out by a gang of four men. They drove in a black Toyota Corolla sport car. Do you by chance have anything to do with them?" The police man said softly. I shook my head slightly first before nodding, causing the police officer to look at me weirdly.

"Well, you'll have to follow us to the station so that you'll be safe and also tell us more about the incident."


Just then, the dead body of my mother and my daughter were rolled out on a stretcher. I stood up and walked towards the bodies. I opened the white linen used to cover my mother. Her brown skin glowed as if she had just taken her bath, her body was stuffed and cold. I walked towards Iremide, I called her by her name... but she didn't answer me. I pulled her away from the stretcher and carried her in my arms . She looked just as beautiful and radiant like she had always been.

"Fly, fly little wing
Fly beyond imagining
The softest cloud, the whitest dove
Upon the wind of heaven’s love
Past the planets and the stars
Leave this lonely world of ours
Escape the sorrow and the pain
and fly again.


Fly, fly my precious one.
Your endless journey has begun,
Take your gentle happiness
Far to a beautiful place for this
Cross over to the other shore
Is peace forevermore.
But hold this memory bittersweet
Until we meet.


Fly, fly do not fear!
Don’t waste a breath, don’t shed a tear
Your heart is pure, your soul is free
Be on your way, don’t wait for me
Above the universe, you’ll climb
On beyond the hands of time
The moon will rise, the sun will set
But I won’t forget.

Fly, fly little wing
Fly where only angels sing
Fly away, the time is right
Go now, find the light."

I walked back to the stretcher where my mother was laid and held her by the hand

"Hands that rocked the cradle
From the moment of my birth,
Their tender touch remembered
By those still here on Earth.

Soft as silk those hands
That taught me how to pray,
Banishing childhood fears;
They soothed each one away.
When I grew much older
And troubles came my way,

Those hands caressing mine
Did more than words could say.
My mother’s hands were gentle,
I will miss them very much,
I’d give the world to feel once more
Their warm and tender touch.

Those hands were full of comfort
Now they lie at rest,
But memories hold them close
To the ones they served the best."

Reality finally dawned on me that my mother and my daughter are dead and I'll never get to see them again. I wailed and wept bitterly.


Falling unto the chair beside Faridah's sickbed with ragged breathing, I tried to keep myself calm and I managed to do so until Faridah gasped again. Faridah was attacked by the same hired killers too in her apartment and they had caused severe damage to her body even though they didn't kill her. 

"Oluwatimileyin" Faridah called out to me timidly as water drips fall from the tube, entering into her body.

"Yes darling, I'm right here." I answered

She winced slightly before she spoke. "I am sorry for all I've caused you. I- I........ Am deeply sorry. I'm sorry about mom's death and your daughter's death." She burst into tears.

"What are you talking about Faridah? You did not cause me anything. I still love you darling." I said while Faridah stared at me like she just met me for the first time.

"Come closer." She said as she pointed at the space beside her bed for me to sit.

"You'll be fine darling. The doctor assured me that you'll be fine" I said trying to lighten up the sad situation.

Faridah smiled faintly and said "I want you to move on Timileyin. I can't make it out of here. My spirit is weak and I can feel it leaving me already. I really love you and I must admit that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I want you to share the love you have for me with your best friend Ayokanmi. She really loves you, and you two will make a nice couple. Timileyin, start your life all over again, somewhere else with someone new."
I looked at her in disbelief while tears dropped from my eyes. I wondered why she made mentioned of my best friend, Ayokanmi.

"Wait, are you kidding me? Faridah no.... No, you are not going anywhere, you will make it out of here. Noooo....." I said as I wrapped my arms around her. She was breathing heavily and her facial expression said it all, like she wanted it to end.

"Doctor Ayokanmi will surely make a good wife for you, trust me Timmy." 

"No- no- no..... Faridah, you're my complete part. You will be the mother of my kids. I made promises to you and I still love you. I will always love you Faridah, even in your worst times." I said.

Faridah lets out a smile and held my hand tightly as I talk then she closed her eyes.

"Faridah? Faridah? Faridah? Can you hear me?" I shouted while I released my hands and shook her roughly. There was no response. I rammed against the ward's door and called out to the doctor to come and attend to Faridah.

"Faridah? Faridah? Faridah? Can you hear me?" She laid stiff as her body spread out on the bed. I picked her body up and placed it on my laps and shook her roughly yet she didn't answer me. The nurses came in too. The doctor whipped out his phone and called for an ambulance.

"Hello ambulance.... I have a critical case of an unconscious patient here.... Yes, she was attacked and she sustained lots of injuries.... Signs of heartbeat? Wait a minute."

I pressed my ears on her chest and heard a slow and weak heartbeat. "Yes, her heart is beating but very slowly and weakly." I told the doctor.

"Okay, got it." He said.

After about forty five minutes, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics placed her on a stretcher and  transported her to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where Ayokanmi works.

I stood in the hospital passage pacing up and down. After about one hour, Ayokanmi came out of the ward.

"How far?"
"What happened?"
How is she?" I bombarded Ayokanmi with questions as soon as she got to me.

"You have to be a man Timmy in these trying times.... Uhmm, we tried our best to save your fiancee but unfortunately, we lost her."

"You lost who?" I shouted collapsing on the floor. Hot tears ran down my cheeks. I felt something struck me but I don't know what it was. It tore me apart. I stood up and ran to where Faridah was laid. 

"Please cover the body." Ayokanmi said to a nurse.

"No, that's not a body..... That's my Faridah, that's my wife, don't cover her..." I shouted on top of my voice with tears still pouring out of my eyes. I tried to wrestle with the nurse to stop her from covering Faridah's dead body but which i passed out from stress. I regained consciousness some hours later. Ayokanmi had taken me to my house and stayed with me till I fully recovered.


The coffin made a screeching sound as it was lowered into the ground. I stared up at the sunset up in the sky, if I was to call it beautiful, it wouldn't do any justice neither will it bring Faridah, Iremide and my Mother back to life. It was more than that. It was like I was staring into someone's eyes and somewhere out there was my home. This world is not my home. I couldn't help but feel like the last man standing, I had lost everyone who mattered most to me. Faridah, Iremide and my dearest mother, I've lost them all to death. Maybe I was just sent here to realize what love actually meant. But I hadn't have any realization for long. The only thing I know is that, true love exists and it exists out there.

Streaming tears cleansed my dark cheeks. Few droplets remained there, forgetting their way as the path was swept from beneath them, consequently blurring my vision with waves of sadness only the broken encounter. The salty release calmly flowed into my mouth so that I could taste my own sorrow.

Fear. Bitterness. Rejection and Pain 

My extremities creaked and creaked under the pressure of my body. Faridah's lifeless body was navigated six feets below the ground as she reached her final home. 

I cried out for help just to know if someone else was out there for me like Faridah but my cries was slowly lost in the thin air.

Then I start to remember her smile, her voice, her dark long braids, memories flood back into my head. The lady, full of love and positive energy exited my life abruptly leaving me so vulnerable and lonely. The beautiful girl who took my heart along with her......

I was left alone reminiscing and indulging in my past while I ignored the unverified future which lies ahead.

Dr Oyedeji on the other hand....

The sadness was his albatross. It lays like dirty snow over every other emotions, greying his spirits, tainting all that could bring him joy and relief. His once healthy laugh had become hollow and the smile that had been so quick to light his face was now only a mask to protect him from well meaning questions and unnecessary press conferences.

He could not look at the old photographs of himself with Faridah without being consumed by the desire to wind back time and slow it down so he could change certain decisions he made stupidly and savour those precious moments. His mind had always been on making more money and construction projects, the big ones, the projects that will add more millions to his bank account and make him comfortable for life. 

Dr Oyedeji knows he was the cause of the whole thing. Forcing his daughter to get married to someone she doesn't have feelings for. Grieve found him too anyway and sadness had settled all over his skin. His life is now a long way off, just like mine. He was now a shadow of his old self.


Six months after the whole incidence, a lot had changed and I was ready to move on with my life. One particular day, I went to the office to tender my letter of resignation. I wanted to leave. I wanted to travel far away from my immediate environment. Ayokanmi had been of great help and companion to me. She kept my company and made sure I didn't feel lonely. 

The day I told her I wanted to leave, she broke down in tears silently.

The tears flowed unchecked down her cheeks and walked to her chin. She was too sad to cry out or wail. She just stood there as still as a stature while the magnitude of my departure swept over her.

Her eyes shifted to the side and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. As she blinked, they dripped down from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks. She bit her lips tightly in an attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from her mouth; my heart sank.

Her lower lips quivered as words slowly made their way out of her mouth. 

"You are leaving me behind..............." She began yet what followed was engulfed in the tremors.

"Ayokanmi, it is not my wish. But I just can't stay here anymore." I said as I watched other couples sitting around us laugh and play together. How can they be happy when I feel so sad? 
Part of me wanted them to feel the pain too, so I wouldn't be lonely with it but another part of me was glad they couldn't. It was my own loss and it was private after all. My eyes suddenly swam in tears and I hurriedly scrub them from my face. I knew tears would lead to sympathy and sympathy would lead to more tears.

"Timmy, please forget about your past. Forget about Faridah. You have your own life to live. Let's build a home together." Ayokanmi said holding my hands.

"Ayokanmi, you see in this sadness, there is no past or future. I am just living by the moment. Everyday is measured from the moment of walking into this new reality until my body can do no more. Until death comes to rest my weary mind. Each day, I greet the sun like a climber greets their rope. My fingers are holding on tight despite the pain. It is grieve. Not different from bereavement. I can't say I love you when I don't even know if you will stay too. I can't say I love you when my heart is still occupied with my love for Faridah. My life is just so messed up." I said looking deep into her eyes.

"Maybe some other day, some other time."

"I never thought you'd leave me. So what's your plan?" She asked with sadness written all over her body.

"I want to travel to The United Kingdom and work as a relationship counsellor over there. I hope to live alone till death comes knocking. I don't want to marry someone else because I don't have any space in my heart for someone else." I said


Next thing I knew, we were at the airport. Ayokanmi watched me leave. She had to bite her lips to stop the tears from rolling out. 

My best friend, Ayokanmi was standing in front of me. I was about to leave her but I still smiled like I was going to be away for just two or three weeks.


[Seven Years Later]

I saw Ayokanmi coming from afar and my heart sank, it's been seven years since I left her in Nigeria for United Kingdom, yet she hasn't changed a bit. Bad for me, she's still awesome as she was. My big, wide eyes danced around her body. 
I should be hating myself right now for the mistake of not getting married to her before I left Nigeria, O God! What's happening to me.
Hot tears burned at my eye lids, wanting to break loose. I shrugged the thought off with some kind of scornful look. 

"I can't cry here. 
This London street looks nothing like my room. My haven." I shrugged and said to myself.

It suddenly dawned on me that she was coming my way. 
Would she even still recognize me? Despite the strands of grey hairs growing amidst my black hair and unshaved beards. I hope she doesn't recognize me. I want her to. I only want her to so I can tell her I've never met someone as unique and caring like her all my life. 

Ayokanmi was getting closer,  her roundneck shirt looks like it was made specially just for her, and oh, her jeans too — stripped, just the way she liked it during University days. The same way I used to like it too. 

"Timmy, stop staring at her." I cautioned myself. 

I looked at the super tight jacket I wore, it's been seven years and I look quite different too, atleast, that's what my friends in Nigeria said to me on Facebook. I have a good amount of flesh in the right places too. 
Places I'm sure she'd notice so quick. 
But would she still love me now? Despite leaving her behind.

"You lost your opportunity boy", my mind screamed at me, "You should be hating yourself right now, you left her without even considering her for a day. You made her broke her rules. You made her to wait for you hoping you'd come back one day. You broke your promise to her, your promise to Faridah, remember the promise? You said you would do anything to make her happy. Remember, boy, remember!. She told you to marry her, didn't she? On her sick bed"

The voice of my mind faded out as I heard my name.

"Oluwatimileyin? Hi?"
She was looking at me closely — too closely. I removed my cap so she wouldn't have to look further.

She grabbed me.

I missed her too much to protest. Silly of me, right? 
Sometimes, you just don't have to fight some things. Don't judge me please.

I was disappointed when she released me, but I knew better than to show it at least.

I straightened my shirt, and crossed my arms. 

"So, yes how have you been?" she asked. 

I knew what she meant. She wanted to know everything. Why I left her in Nigeria for good seven years. Why I didn't write to her after I got to United Kingdom. Why I wasn't still married to anyone after Faridah's death. Why I never wanted to give birth or adopt a child. Why I decided to end all relationships with everyone. Why I didn't show any interest in her.

Her eyes turned misty and before I could stop her, she was crying uncontrollably on the road! 

"I love you, Timmy."

What is she saying to me? We never mentioned love to each other all our life. 
Why is she doing this now? 

I dragged her down the street, I wanted to stop her, but I couldn't.
I opened the gate to a café and we went in. 

I ignored the question in her eyes, how could she still love me after all these years?

"Sit" I said calmly. 

She sat down without even looking at the environment, all she was interested in was why I was treating her like a piece of s**t

"You are just too good for me, Ayokanmi. Too good. You were gradually taking over everything concerning me. My whole life after Faridah's death. You were the only thing that made sense in my life. How could I have someone so good? Leaving you was my first sacrifice, it's love in a more deeper level. Since you claimed I can still find love again even in the least expected place. 
True, I was shattered for those years we spent apart but I wasn't alone. God's love found me along the way. He spoke to me in diverse ways. His love is just as real as you are. God really made me understood the actual concept of Love Ayokanmi. I planned on leaving the United Kingdom any time from now and never to return again. Although, I searched for you online. Why did you leave all your social media platforms? It was God's plan, huh? He was there fixing everything for me."

"I did not feel anything. 
Now, I understand why I couldn't just hate you, no matter how hard I tried." She said and hugged me. Tighter than the first time.

"Ayokanmi, will you marry me? And live with me for better and for worse. For richer and for poorer. I don't want to say "until death do us part,"  because if I had a thousand lifetimes I'd still want them all to be with you. That is what  soul-mates should share Love that lives on past these mortal bones?" I said kneeling down on one knee.

"Yes! yes! I will marry you" Ayokanmi said as her eyes got filled up with tears.


Our wedding was an Autumn wedding in the late afternoon. The area faced the breathtaking sunset.  At the end of each aisle, light balls hung from the naked tree branches. Spread down the aisle was white leaves, as far as the eyes could see, slightly moist so they wouldn’t crack when you stepped on them.  

The wedding was attended by a small group of Ayokanmi's close family and my friends from work dressed in beach attire for comfort. On either side of the aisle, they sat in white chairs set up for them on the sand. 

Finally, the priest came out and asked everyone to stand up. Yes! It's now time! All eyes would soon be on us.  The flower girl lined the path with white rose petals as Sam Smith's Stay With Me was being played. I only took two steps out before I was greeted by Ayokanmi's father. He then escorted his daughter down the aisle, which seemed longer than before. My boss at work became my own strength; without him I would have fainted. The guests looked at me, taking pictures of my Blue tuxedo suit, waving at me, smiling- one thing was for sure, though… no one made a sound except for the shuttering sounds which came from the cameras and ohone. Up ahead I saw her, Ayokanmi. My wife to be, the love of my life, my everything. She stood taller, her shoulders back and her gaze were fixed on me. If I wasn’t mistaken I could have sworn tears filled her eyes.

The program started and the priest offered prayers to God first before he began the marriage rites.

"Do you Hassan Ayokanmi take Oluwatimileyin Turner to be your lawfully wedded Husband?" He asked Ayokanmi.

"I, Hassan Ayokanmi take thee Oluwatimileyin Turner, to be my lawfully wedded husband, secured in the knowledge that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one and only true love.

On this special day, I give to you in the presence of God and all these witnesses my pledge to stay by your side as your faithful wife in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, as well as through the good times and the bad.

I promise to love you without reservation, comfort you in times of distress, encourage you to achieve all of your goals, laugh with you and cry with you, grow with you in mind and spirit, always be open and honest with you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live. May God help me" Ayokanmi vowed as she adjusts her white veil.

"Uhm, do you Oluwatimileyin Turner take Hassan Ayokanmi as your lawfully wedded wife till death do you part?" The priest asked looking towards me.

'Till death do us part' is morbid to me. I want the fairy tale. I want something like 'and they lived happily ever after.' What's wrong with that? Why start a life of love by thinking about death again? I choose to believe that my wife is my soulmate, that we will always be together in this life and beyond. Doesn't love endure forever?

"Yes, I do." I answered.

The priest nodded and asked, “If anyone objects to the marriage speak now or forever hold your peace”.

As assumed, no one said a word.  “With the power vested upon me by the State of London, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

I leaned in and kissed Ayokanmi softly like I've never done before.

"Hmmm." She moaned, before moving my hands from her thick, round ass, and pressing my hand against her cheek, giving me more support to push myself towards her, and connect our lips again. My lips were firm against hers, but the kiss remained soft, gentle, slow. We held it for  few minutes, before our lips began to move in perfect sync, slowly but cautiously. I exhaled through my nose, not wanting to let go. My entire body had been taken over by the overwhelming feeling of relief, combined with love. I moved my hand from her cheek to the back of her head, my fingers tangling in her long, dark braids, lightly pulling her into me, adding more pressure to our lips, deepening the kiss. Everyone cheered for us, however I barely noticed; my full attention rested on Ayokanmi.

The wedding ended and Ayokanmi and I lived together happily ever after.

Oh, did I mentioned that Mr Pedro and his boys were later apprehended by the police and the court of law sentenced them to life imprisonment with hard labour.

Jason on the other hand was married to Nurse Precious.

Three years after Faridah's death, Dr Oyedeji Abdulafeez's wife later gave birth to a baby girl again and named her Hawau and they lived happily ever after.

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