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I feel....
I feel the fresh scent of rain 
Like wings, it spreads out with life 
And ascends the hills of hope;

I perceive....
I perceive gushes of boost 
Spilling in Mother Earth's belly 
Rinsing all its leaves with strength;
I sense...
I sense the fragrance of rain
Fiercer than the former
Dissipating through the blues and deeps;

I see...
I see the tree wave for joy
And the land open up its tummy
To receive the gracious tears of the sky;

Know the hope this scent of rain brings for you
Believe that it’ll surely rain again
Even when your land’s been long dry.


©2020 Gloria Koya. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I love this. I love the fact that I am visualizing rain. I love the imagery. And flow it too. Keep it up.


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