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  • Why Password?

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First of all, what are passwords?

Passwords are strings of characters (letters, symbols, numbers…) used to verify a user’s identity during authentication process.

Contrary to the movie scenes we enjoy, where an hacker has to log on to multiple devices to hack into a computer, as much as I wish it were true, it is not. An hacker in a real life scenario might be watching a movie, eating donuts, having a nice time while gaining illegal access into your computer.

One of the common ways an hacker breaks into a computer is by guessing passwords. When Jane uses a simple, common, or personal detail as a password, it enables intruders to gain easy access to Jane’s device. 

What should Jane do when choosing a password❓

I don’t know‍️. But here are the things Jane definitely should not do❕❗

  • Do not use your details that may not be as confidential as you had expect, such as your birth date, phone number, or names of family members.
  • Avoid using dictionary words without adding a numeral, punctuation or any symbol at all, password-cracking tools freely available online often come with dictionary lists that will try thousands of common names and passwords in split seconds.
  • Avoid using simple adjacent keyboard combinations: like; “qwerty” and “asdzxc” and “123456”, just how simple and easy to remember they are, they are also very easy to crack.
  • Avoid using the same password at multiple Web sites. It’s generally safe to re-use the same password on websites that do not store sensitive information information about you (like a news Web site) provided you do not use this same password at sites that are sensitive.
  • Whatever you do, do not ever write down or store your password in plain text. If you must, you should create a list of every Web site for which you have a password and next to each one write your login name and a clue that has meaning only for you…

For example:My Twitter’s password is iogbfh243


It only gets better from here (you shouldn’t write the number, it’s meant to be an hint to remembering your password)

How should Jane choose a secure password ⁉️ 

I know I said I didn’t know, I lied. 

  • Length is key. 

Jane makes sure not to choose any password fewer than eight letters. The longer your password is, the harder and longer it takes to hack into your computer with a password dictionary, and the longer time its takes trying , the closer to it getting noticed by your website’s admin.

  • Combination of words, numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lower-case letters. 

Your password should always consist of either of these characters or all of them for a more secure account.

Should Jane choose a strong password ⁉️

Funnily enough, I don’t know. But why was Jane scared of twitter exposing bookmarked tweets❓ Does Jane have a bank account❓ Is Jane bank account linked to Jane’s email❓ Does Jane wants her personal chats read by a third party❓

I think Jane should decide.

Password Security

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