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My Promise; My Pledge; Our Mantra

By MichellešŸ’« #ThriveTogether #StarfishClub #poetry #poem #poetrycommunity #WritingCommunity #PoetsHub #Justice4HTCV8

Readersketch, poem

I establish my right,

To uphold-

My moral codes,

My boundaries,

My ethics,

All, newly found;

From this day forward-

That all; lay compromised.

I may take;

the courage to uphold;

These; my safety keys

From this day forward.

To regain; yet further

Self respect,

Self worth,

& Self care;

To name; but a few.

To turn love inwardly

To encounter self love

To thee,

to I;

to me.

This is my religion

This is my faith

This is my belief;


The titled name; I give matters not,

For love is the embodiment.

For love is the source.

This unlocks my inward love

to offer;

authentically so;

to one and all !

Unlock the power the magic from the source: Love.

Though in my humanness;

I am but still learning,

So errors may happen; as I relearn;

from the self I was yesterday;

to be a better best self;

in the morrow.

So here I pledge;

So here I promise;

So here I share our mantra.

To endeavour; to surrender;

to always learn; and re learn

not fail but to;

To Reframe,

To Realign;

To Reset.

My new chartered course to find my own unique path.

For this is the power;

of my unconditional love;

that I offer myself and to thou;

in the now.

ThriveTogether #StarfishClub #poetry #poem #poetrycommunity #WritingCommunity #PoetsHub #Justice4HTCV8

My Promise; My Pledge; Our Mantra

©Nov-2020 Michelle. All Rights Reserved. Readersketch

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