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It is not untrue that life is laden of challenges, difficulties, setbacks, rejections, failures, ups and downs or whatever name you want to call that ugly situation (you passed through or you are passing through). Funnily enough, there is no expiration date or a moment in life where one is challenge free, i.e. when one does not experience any form of challenge whatsoever. Challenges are bound to human existence, and it is usually in tandem with the stage we are in life. You will agree with me that the challenges you faced years back when you were much younger are not the same challenges you encounter at this present stage of your life. 

In this article I shall be sharing how in the midst of challenges and tempest of life you can make the best out of it, how you can survive, how you can be on your feet; up and doing. I will also share how you can be of your best disposition and attitude amidst challenges. MAXIMIZING LIFE as a title of this write-up is inspired by one of my mentors, Dr. Maxwell Ubah; a growth strategist, Organizational transformation expert, an executive leadership coach, and a graduate of London Business School. So to that effect, most of what will be shared here are from experienced source.

Do not forget that every stage and aspect in life has its peculiar challenges, but I shall be touching on a few and essential aspects, and share how one can maximize life in these areas of life:


What I mean by family troubles is in a scenario where one finds him or herself in a polygamous family, where one suffers attention deficit from parents, little or no career support, rigorous work load, an uncomfortable or boisterous environment which makes it very difficult to act at full potential and to build a solid foundation, growing up. Trust me this can be overwhelming especially when one is serious minded and forward thinking at that young age. How you can maximise life in this kind of situation is first; not losing focus of your goals and aspirations, take care of your mental self by building strong resolve within you because there is little or nothing you can do to change the situation, it is your family and you might not have the power to change anything at all. So you don’t want to be experiencing double tragedy where you are in an unpalatable environment and you are also badly behave, no sense of responsibility, no goals and aspirations and self-mastery. So therefore in the midst of such situation before one gain some level of independence, focus is key. You should not allow the situation around the family to consume you, it might be a bit difficult, but it’s not impossible to achieve. Also what will fuel that focus is what you do in your private space, since it’s not a slavery situation, you will have some privacy at one point or the other, you should engage in productive activities, for your life to be maximized at that point in time, you should not also add to your misfortune, you should engage in things that counters the unpleasant situation were find yourself, which is very important. This requires high level of personal discipline, which I will buttress in the cause of this write-up.


This is a crucial aspect in developing and building ones foundation for a better future, this area determines to a larger extent how you will strive in both your environment and in your career of interest. In the event that one doesn’t have access to quality education or basic education; which is a right of any human anyway, and also proper upbringing. What can be done to maximize life in this situation, should one also give up and not develop interest or attempt to get some form of education? In this day and age? The computer age as so-called? I don’t think that would be the best. There is the formal and the informal education, if one doesn’t have access to a formal education, informal education is an alternative. As it is so-called ‘informal’ meaning it is unrestricted, casual, free-and-easy, common, unofficial or even friendly. So therefore one can learn outside the traditional or conventional classroom learning. Ways you can learn are through;


We are surrounded by books and text materials, it is nearly impossible to not find something with texts around us and that can be read, be it a copy of a newspapers, advert & publicity materials, magazines, labels & tag, novels and story books and a whole lot more which in the process you meticulously draw knowledge, get familiar with usage of grammars and vocabularies, pay attention to how sentences are constructed and so on. Most importantly you should also be very inquisitive to learn, you should form the habit of asking questions from people on things you do not have knowledge of. You should also be aware of events and happenings around you, in areas of politics and governance, social and developmental matters and in other vital areas, you don’t need to go to a class room to know what is happening in your society and country at large. Do you?


It would not be surprising that the home where quality education can’t be afforded, there is a television set in that home, subscribed to a cable channel or whatever subscription or even a radio. No doubt there is usually a whole lot of programmes been aired on television, the good, the bad and the ugly. While you view these programmes and listen to the radio programming, you can learn quite a lot of things. Now to foster your learning, you have to again be intentional, you have to identify programmes that are beneficial to your learning and development as a person who has not privilege of getting quality education. At this time, you have to reduce your cravings for entertainment and long for quality and utilitarian contents, for you cannot learn much through entertainment alone. Programmes and channels like Book Club on Channels TV, Discovery Family and Discovery World, News and documentaries channels, Judge Judy, Court in Providence, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Cowbellpedia, spelling Bee shows and many others will be very helpful in your learning, provided you put your mind to it. Also through Bill boards, LED advert display or any form of electronic display.


 This is one major area where seems challenging to many individuals i.e how to Maximize Life in area of financial constraints, or simply put how to manage money. Finance been an essential aspect of life and existence, if not properly managed might mar an individual. In fact, sometimes it is not about how much money you have or you do not have, it is simply about how you manage whatever we have, little of large. You might have a million naira and squander it in a twinkling of an eye, and not been able to account for how tangible and productive the money is been spent. So therefore managing ones finances is crucial. The following are basic ways you can manage your finances and by so doing you are maximising life even with little financial power;
1) Saving before spending. 2) Budgeting & prudence. 3) Not living above your income/means. 4) Credible Investment. 5) Focusing on the essentials. 
All these can be summarised to simply be financial intelligence.

Other ways by which you can Maximise Life are through;

 1) Motivation and personal development:

No Matter the situation you find yourself, try to pick up yourself, give yourself a reason to be happy and to forge ahead. There is no situation of challenges under the sun that is not surmountable. Also give yourself to improvement.

 2) Love and kindness:

 Even amidst challenges you are not expected to shut your door of love and kindness. You may not receive love and kindness to take you out of that difficult situation you are in if you do not give out of the little you have. 

3) Right networking and association:

 Identify people who can help you out of your challenges and to make your life better not those who will make it worse.

4) Discipline

This is equally one of the most important thing one should have and practise at every aspect of one’s life. To be discipline cannot be over stressed. Discipline simple refers to self-control, to be well behaved, to be well mannered and not ill-mannered.

 5) Healthy life style

It is equally imperative to live a healthy life style, challenges and circumstances should not be an excuse for a bad nutritional practise. Like the popular saying ‘health is Wealth’ you need good health to strive and to take up the challenge of maximizing life in whatever situation you find yourself. You don’t have to be a millionaire or even a thousandnaire to have a nutritious meal and to have a balance diet. Taking as little as fruit after or before a meal will go a long way. Quit alcohol, reduce junk foods, take food rich in protein, take fruits, take a lot of water, and practise good personal hygiene.

6) Acquiring soft and hard skills:

 We live in a world where skills are pertinent to job seeking and problem solving. You can’t afford to be without a skill; whatever skill, in tandem with your area of interest, if you want to be relevant and resourceful. For Soft skills, I hear someone say you need soft skills only in a co-operate environment, but I bet to disagree, you need soft skills in your everyday life. Soft skills like; Emotional Intelligence, good and effective communication skills, active listening, innovative skills, adaptability and versatility, team work and so on.

7) Wearing a smile.

Do not wear your predicament on your face, it might scare your helpers away. Always wear a smile no matter what.


Maximizing Life

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