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Light At Golgotha


Go to, reach Golgotha;
Check the relics, 
See the dates on historyʼs checks, 
Check the quota:

 There; many cash outs have happened,
There, the bank of the word,
Not letters, have doled out,
Many harpoons. 

Non ever came and was denied... 
Non can deny He really did come.
Out of the riven side, water 
like showers was the outcome,
Drops of blood dropping sins,
Infirmities, curses, powers,
More than the .700 Nitro 

The merciful one there, lay hanged on a tree, lifeless.
The only one among the three, whose life atoned for dead men to rise,
Become one, with the trinity,
One in the prince of peace, heavenly prize.

For you, have no peace for a Prince.
All you have is the priest that keeps grilling thee
Having your body, over the 
corrupt fires of death, 
“mmmhm lucky me !”
And feasting on you slower than the maggots protégée
One bite a day - 
Suffice, satisfy or even delight.

But thereʼs no light in darknessʼs coffers, 
Darkness is the darkness of his heart
Daily, moment by moment, by the rolling of the 
He consumes you in piece 
Meals, a little here, a little there, no need for bacons.

There, where no light knows, where all that shines is extinct, like Solomonʼs.

Go to, reach Golgotha
Your reach is not beyond the light.
Heʼs already stretched to take you away from the night,
To make you one, even as He is, Light.

Light At Golgotha

© 2020 Judah. All Rights Reserved.

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