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Simi Ifedayo

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The land has been destructed, 
ambushed, damaged
and destroyed.

If we tell gently
All that we have been through,
It will bring forth bad memories that rip the heart apart.

Lives has been destroyed,
Homes shattered,
The land has been taken by corruption, neglection, and selfishness,
Unceasing disaster;
hovers and hoots in space

Dreams swallowed,
Future consumed 
as a giant whale swallows the
hook, line and sinker.

Would the dreamers ever rise?
This is a call for change.

What hearts will listen to our clamoring?
Our pains and anger,
grows like a tumor.
What ear to our cries, and to our wild appeal?
Hmmmm! Hopelessness..

Despair, frustration, and intimidation is over;
It is time to meet,
take and over take
Riders of our destiny -
Controller of our ideas.

It is time for ambush,
For those who are ready for a change,

from vanity to sanity
The hawk, sabre-toothed tiger has been destroyed by the dreamers.


Simi 2020© Readersketch

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