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For All The Souls That Perished…


for all the soul that perished, rosemary poems, death,sad fantasy, issues and problems of life, the problem of living forever, questions I want to ask

And yet again
Another deep agony;
Piercing pain,
Shouldn’t have been.

Not her, not him,
Not another sad story,
Not another unhappy end,
Yet a life is cut short;
Amidst realising and fulfilling their dreams.

Why do the young have to die?
Why don’t we all grow old, full of age
Like in the days of the old?
Or better still, we all never die?

It's sad that destinies lie wasted.
That shout of agony emanate
From undeserved houses.
And that the ground open yet for another
Blood and flesh.

It brings tears to my eyes,
Pain in my heart -
This unanswered thought.

© 2020 Olatunji, Rosemary Anuoluwapo. All Rights Reserved.

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