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Dear Politicians


dear politicians
dear politicians

When you decided to take the leap 
I wondered what your thoughts were; 
Did you see the blood your predecessors trailed behind?
 and decide to change things?

Or did you get mad that they were the only ones taking everything
 and you decided to take your share?

After establishing a reason,
-  good or bad ;

If it were for good
When making your vows did you genuinely believe that you could change things ?
But lose your way in the middle?

Did peer pressure get to you?
Or did you give up trying to be better?

If it were for bad
What were the thoughts running through your mind 
when you made endless promises
To the desperate masses?

Did you stutter?
Did the lies threaten to choke you?
Or did you just swallow it like a simple lump in your throat?

Did you practice it over and over again until you seem genuine 
Till, they believed the lies?

 how did you sleep at night -
 knowing how millions of people couldn't afford a modicum of what you owned?

How did you swallow morsels of excess food, when you knew someone couldn't even get a grain -
Because of what you did and didn't do?

Did you hear their voices or did you shut them out over and over again?

How hard is it in your 10 million dollar mansion?

How did you not feel their pain?
Hear their voices;
Remember their hopeful faces as they voted for you -
Hoping, you'd be the change they had been longing for?

How did you not hear their voices for help?
How did you take them for a ride,
Over and over again - without flinching?
How did you do these to the people?

I hope that karma is real and that you get it.
Because I can't do anything than to hope.

Here's what I have to say 
I hope that Karma is real and that it comes for you.

Hope is the only thing I have
Hope that you burn in the deepest recesses of hell.

Dear Politicians

Taiwo Kazeem Readersketch ©2020. All Rights Reserved. 

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