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Break Point


What's your breaking point?
I watched my dreams slip off reality,
and my hopes kiss the dust;

You assured me I'll be great after attaining Education,
now you're feeling too tongue-tied to speak about my unanswered applications.

You made a joke out of my 5 years and left me deploring with every single breath.
When I saw amateurs and unlearned Doctors treating patients, I felt it.

You always spoke of good leadership and it attributes,
but left out the part where you need to do what you preach.

This lump in my throat is dismaying my being.
I'm tagged an outlaw when I speak out my pains,
But you're called a Leader when you advertise your fame.

You stand to address a crowd you marred without relent.
A crowd you effortlessly fed with lies and prevarications,
all with the purpose of making a sham,
and forging a good image before the people you swore to protect against corruption.

Belittled my ability and called me lazy;
Deliquesce my efforts like grains on a devalued soil.

That's my breaking point;
Where Democracy is turned into a One-man-affair.
The believe that you'd change the system, was the threshold of our transgressions

In the end,
I hope you reap all that you've sowed.

Break Point

©2020 Hope Charles. All Rights Reserved

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