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Agape Love

Tijani Lucky 

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Love is an emotional feeling that cannot be explained. Or can it? Because when I think about you, I think of love. Then I ask myself, What could LOVE mean? 

Or is it really what some define it to be? An erotic desire to get what we want by blackmailing others with it?
But then, how is it almost forgetable that it is  not something to be toy with. Once in it, it is hard not to be. 

Love is sweet, love is kind, love is patient, love is beautiful, love is like you looking up to the sky at night and gazing at the stars saying, how I wish I can be up there with you, just gazing at you, always being close, never letting go.

Of course.

But then, I, telling you, "I love you", does not necessarily mean that I will die for you. I mean I am not christ who was willing to die for sinners even when he never knew them.

Many times I ask myself how can true love be expressed, I always ended up with a shaddy answer. It is you being able to give your all for the person you love, taking care of that person like he or she is all you have. Because at times, it is not really going to be this sweet like the Shakespeare's Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer Day?

According to the Holy Bible, if you say you love God and you do not love your brother that you see, how then can you say you love him? 
God is love and for you to love means you have Gods personality in you. 

Falling in love is like you entering into a train without any final destination until the end. The end could be the end of the earth or the day one dies while in love.

Today's modern way of defining love is lust, and going by this way people get lost. 

Love is not all about you falling for the next beautiful girl you see along the wayside or a round figure-eight girl, m No! 
Love is unique, love is fun, love is enjoyable for the right person. It is an experience that cannot be explained. I mean it cannot just be gotten on a plate of gold. 

AGAPE LOVE is God's way of revealing himself toward us through his son Jesus christ. 
You do not just get loved by sleeping with the person you are going out with, NO! Love is far more precious than that which was expressed by God through christ Jesus.

If you love someone you must be willing to sacrifice for that person not just physically but emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and financially.

Falling in love is like the joy you get from dieing a peaceful death, and if you have not experienced it then you have not experienced love yet. Jesus dieing on the cross was not his will but he knew that it had to be done not just to fulfill all righteousness but to save humanity from condemnations of this world. 
The ultimate price of love has been paid, it is of no reason to sell yourself for a cheap - weak price. 

My friend there is a saying that I usually tell myself " you cannot love me except you love yourself "
And if you do actually Love yourself then you will not want to do what you are doing now, Because your body is not yours to give out just like that. Why not ask for permission before you sell it at that weak cheap price that would not last only but for a moment. 
That you are beautiful today does not mean that your beauty will last forever. 
If you continue with what you are doing you will continue failing and keep on asking yourself one question WHY ME?  
Why not follow the right path so that when you fail you will have something to motivate you, that will get you back up again. 
Why not wait and fall in love in the right and genuine way, because it will be hard for you to get back up when you fall at this age. 
I know it may seem like you are wasting your time but at the end you will see that you didn't but rather you've accomplished what others have been trying to understand all there life. 

Love is not something that can be rushed, love is weak, delicate and fragile. It is like an antique that seem useless but with a closer look at it you get to know that it's the best. 
This is the reason God said "you shall serve no other god except me because I am a jealous God " that was his love emotion speaking because for one to be jealous means he does not like it when you share the love you have for him with another person. 
So if you know you do not want the wrath of God my Brethren I beseech you that ye present your body as a reasonable sacrifice, which is holy and acceptable unto the Lord, because it is like the only reasonable sacrifice of service. Roman 12:1.

Lucky 2020© Readersketch

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