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Etiene Eric 

At the dawn of my rising
When my soul knows no bitterness.
In the womb of the morning.
When my heart knows no wickedness.
In the purity of my tears.
When my innocence is in entireness
When no sudden calamity has been fallen me.
When I gave my first cry.
Should be my perfect day to die.

In the crave of our soul. 
We seek a higher call. 
Oh the joy when our course we know. 
When we pursue and fulfil it. 
Like a man on a mission. 
When at last we breathe. 
I have fought a good fight. 
I have finished my course. 
That day, is a perfect day to die. 

Like the thief on the cross. 
Who made no good use of life. 
Neither a record of good deeds.
Whose heart was humbled, 
Before the shore he could cross,
Was given a surety of paradise.
No longer his evil deeds doth count. 
Finding his place in the company of the great King. 
Truly, he found a perfect day to die. 

A Perfect Day To Die

© 2020 Etiene Eric.  All Rights Reserved.

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