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There is no gainsaying in the fact that this year has been a tough one for everyone, especially for us here in Nigeria. From the Covid-19 outbreak, to the End-Sars protest and every other thing that has had a negative effect on our physical and mental health. And it has been some kind of grief. It is as a result of these happenings that some of us have counted to days and weeks to this festive season not because something magical happens during this period but because the festive season brings along with it an upbeat energy and happiness to brighten up our lives.

I feel what makes Christmas amazing is the fact that it is literally the season of joy, as people tend to give more this season by either organizing some form of outreach or the usual gifting of hampers, money and any other thing.

For Christians or those who have a religious perspective on Christmas, it is popularly identified as the season in which Christ was born. For others, for instance those who leave abroad, it could be an opportunity to come back and meet with friends and families. Still for some, it is an opportunity to take that vacation and yet, a time for others to stay in the quiet of their home, till the holiday is over. Whatever way you choose to spend this festive season is absolutely right but as your wonderful friend, I would love to recommend some tips that could help you make the best of this festive season.

1) Exercise.

As a result of the stressful nature of some jobs, there is barely time for physical exercise. This is bad for the health because there are certain ailments that comes with the lack of physical exercise which include diabetics, heart disease among others. Therefore, there is the need to have a basic exercise routine that would help keep your physical and mental health in check.

2) Rest.

A lot of people, especially Nigerians hardly have time for sufficient rest. From their 9-5 job they go straight to a meeting, dive into a side hustle or even when they decide to go home, they get busy with something else and before they have time for rest or even sleep, its a new day and they continue with the cycle. This period should be a time to rest well and limit the amount of paperwork.

3) Family Time.

Whether you are among those that travel to meet with their relatives or stay in the comfort of your house, family time is an essential part of this festive season. It is a time to have that family dinner instead of the regular restaurant you have your meals all year round, it's the time to binge on that movie with your family or play that chess game. Whatever way you decide to spend with your family, make it worthwhile.

4) Medical Checkup.

There's this mentality that a lot of people have and it's the mindset that as long as you are not down with fever or headache, then you are medically sound. This in all honesty is a dangerous way to live by. Our body needs adequate care from time to time and although this can be done at any time of the year, this holiday offers an opportunity to check that heart, eyes, blood pressure or any other basic body check up.

5) Strategy For The New Year.

 Even though I stand at risk of being thought of as a motivational speaker for saying this, it is what it is, lol. The cliché which says "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" comes in handy. To achieve anything worthwhile, there's a level of planning or strategy that goes into it. This is a time to take stock of how the year was, evaluate your mistakes, celebrate your success and make plans on how the New year can be a better one. I know there would always be circumstances whether natural or otherwise, such as with the covid-19 issue experienced this year that could disrupt plans nevertheless, it is always ideal to start the year with great plans to help you track your success as you go through the year.

Finally, whatever way you decide to spend this festive season, make sure you enjoy it because as a famous Nigerian saying goes, "problem no dey finish". I wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous New year.

5 Ways To Make The Best Use Of This Festive Season

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