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Upside Down


Silifat Abdulkareem

Readersketch, upside down, broken, poem

_ _ _ _ _ _

Maybe these thoughts are up-side down

I gave my emotions the  power to rule

And now, I suffer the consequences of it's judgement. 

Let me know if I'm too clingy,

 then I'll step away:

Maybe I was too honest,

From the words I spill, to the gaze in my eyes.

My voice and words are true

But tell me, 

Was I too honest? 

I'm not just trying to be real, I want to be accepted by you.

I wish to feel the grip that comes from the rope of your care,

Instead, I feel held by this fake touch. 

It's like I can see it. Through the letters of every word you text 

I can hear it in your voice.

So tell me,

Are you pushing me away?

All I want is to be free, from all these thoughts.

Now it seems our relationship is entangled in blank space

And every confusion around this situation pierces my heart.

Jailed by my thoughts,

I ask again; 

did I push you away?

Maybe I think too much.

The more I try to think your thoughts,

the less comprehension I get.

I try to hold on one more time

Only to realize that the both of us are sliding on each other's surfaces; 

Setting off along the cliff path of misunderstanding.

Maybe one day, 

we'll become like we never were,

Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me again.

I'm losing, not just you,

but my senses as well.

Maybe this thoughts are upside down

But now I know

I have to let go

For this load is too much to bear alone...

© 2020 Ize. All Rights Reserved. Readersketch

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