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The Change In Nollywood

Desire E. Okhilua
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I remember once upon a time when my anticipation for some Nigerian cinematics was high. Not that it was extraordinary or spectacular but it had talents I greatly admired and looked up to. The passion was eminent in their voices, eyes and gestures. They never took their career likely but somber. Such energy infected our TV shows. From the likes of Superstory (A Wale Adenuga Production) to Fuji House of Commotion. Those were all brilliant times in the industry but now all I see are scams and fails.

Nollywood is a platform which a generation waited eagerly for it to evolve but I can solely say it has not. It has now become a platform for family affairs and caliber controlled. Gone are those days when we saw excellent performances. These days the depiction of a reel is so disheartening that it makes you ask yourself. "Was there ever an audition for this?"

The statement 'who know man' has become so prevalent on the lips of current struggling actors. Despite the fact that some recent stars were born from social media recognition we still fail to realise that not every individual who says he/she is an actor is cut out for the job.

 I am not a nay sayer of the efforts put into our movies these days but I am saying the efforts are running the wrong way. I happen to be a starting writer and filmmaker and I can say from my point of view that Nollywood is still failing in many aspects. Bombarding tons of money and using expensive equipment are not the only criteria for a good movie, beautiful thought-out-of-the-box story lines and talents are also greatly required. 

There is no need for rush in production of a reel. I think we can all relate to that in an even expensive project which is the successful infamous Game of thrones. I feel fresh minds are out in the country that need plucking. Let us stop the 'who know man' mindset and give a chance to those who deserve it.


The Change In Nollywood

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