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The Black Maiden

: Oyeniyi Joshua

Readersketch, poem, black Maiden, oyeniyi Joshua, Africa, feminist, what is feminism, why should women care, what is, maiden

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

For she was black
Yet, she never lacked -
A special treatment she received
And, never deceived -
She wanted it all
When already she has the mall,
And felt cheated
Even when it was never created -
She was pained
And wanted more.
Roars like lion began to go viral
And, like the barking dog
She won't stop being mannish -
Swiftly, like the burning flames looking for a place in the sky to shelter -
She gathered the superfluous in her load of responsibility,
And chained herself to it.
Forgetting she is tied -
She is bargaining for freedom -
By not even walking on the bare floor
She is wanting to sky.  

Oyeniyi 2020© Readersketch

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