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Silifat Abdulkareem

Readersketch, magic, poem

I found myself here with you today and it's magical.

Diving into elevated ecstasy,

 I let my melancholy float down the river..

How can I deny this vivid blessing in front of me?

 Only a fool won't appreciate.

Never thought fantasy and reality could be so identical

 Until i met you.

You are my attraction

Your gaze is irresistible 

Your look is impeccable

Your voice is calm

Your presence is tied to a fresh atmosphere 

better than the air I breathe

And this bond is not detachable.

You are my reflection,

Mirroring my soul,

It's like we're fated

 and what we have will never be faded:

Just like fireflies illuminate the dark, our love is bright and beautiful

I love you endlessly with my sanity intact; 

for yours does not intoxicate

And with the intensity beyond roots of any plant, I love you Deeply....

Ize 2020© Readersketch. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Wow. I love your use of imagery and simile. I love the flow too


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