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A Curse in Disguise


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In the early 1970s, Nigeria might have risen as the richest country in Africa following the new wave in crude oil production. This was just after the civil war(1967) that crashed her recently independent economy. However, the impact of this boom was not evenly distributed as only the government officials were privileged to bask in this wealth with no palliative for both the struggling and poor masses. 

Prior to this, oil founded in Akata was yet to be a commercial distribution of the shell-BP. The shell-BP was given license by the Nigerian government for the exploration of oil which started in 1937. By the end of 1957, crude oil production kicked off and in about three years, Nigeria exported 847,000 tonnes of crude oil.

With no iota of doubt, during those times, the Nigerian petroleum industry gathered much, financial gains, which was sustainable for each citizen to have access to good living. In fact, the revenue grew contributing even more than 80% of the country's total revenue and was a sufficient relief of her source for generating more revenue.

 On the other hand, this was taken with much levity that resulted into the regression of the country's Agricultural sector. Moreover, in the manner by which the country continues to suffer till date. The concentration in petroleum led to the uprise in the importation of food from neighbouring and far countries as local manufacturing capacity decreased from 9.4% in 1970 to 7.0% in 1973.

 Unfortunately, history will change almost nothing about the past. But dealing with the future, I still see nothing but a bleak one. A future that seems to be worse than our present as corruption is now succeeding in diffusing into the mental and body cells. An innumerable list of social issues could be written but what does it matters if action are not taken. Amazingly, there is no ignorance of the right thing to do in most cases. Especially when it is even just that ACTION that would write a new and better history for Nigeria. To take the needful action or continue with history will then be a blessing or a curse in disguise.

Choose rightly.


Ebojielu Samuel 2020© Readersketch

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